Thursday, 10 September 2009

Shopping! Sales!

A plus-sized friend informs me that now is the perfect time to go online shopping. The Aussie dollar is strong, or the US one is weak, or whatever it is that makes it cheaper for us to buy things. And the US retailers are clearing out summer stock as autumn comes in. Perfect timing for us, as spring is sprung over here.

Her recommendations for on-line plus sized fashion are:
B & Lu
Kiyonna - but, she warns, absolutely not their Blue Plate line.

Sizes can be tricky. If you have an old tape measure with inches, this chart might help. Or use a calculator: divide your cm measure by 2.54 to get inches.


  1. Why not the Blue Plate line? Just wondering...

  2. She said the fabrics were cheap. Umm, and possibly she said it less kindly than that.