Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Will somebody rid us of that dickhead, Kyle Sandilands?


In case you haven't heard, he's been having a go at Magda Szubanski for being fat. Ahahahaha, the hilarity. Well, she's a big girl, she can take it, and she has done so quite graciously. And the rest of us could just grouse a bit about the usual fat hate, if only he hadn't taken a giant leap across the borders of taste by informing us that if only someone stuck her in a concentration camp, then she would lose weight. Which is no doubt true. Thanks a lot. And it's also true that if someone sewed Kyle Sandilands' lips together, he would appear a lot smarter.

Trivialising the hideous mass-murders of Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals and all the other people the Nazis wiped out is such a good look, isn't it? Great publicity. Yay, Auschwitz was a health farm?! Excuse me while I throw up. Yay! Who needs bulimia when they can listen to Kyle!

More info: the SMH news article on the incident, and the crikey commentary.

(Note: This post is dripping with sarcasm. Bulimia is bad. Auschwitz was bad. Murder is bad. All cheering is sarcastic.)


  1. Oh, another Australian! We're multiplying by the second (not unlike a virus).

    Kyle's so dull. The thing that really confuses me about this outburst is that he is fat. "She's not skinny", "That's what all fat people say"... YOU ARE A BIG FAT GUY, KYLE.

  2. Hi Frances! I am new here and am prone to a bit of ratbaggery and contrarianism, so I am yet to see if I can be an official member of the fatosphere.

    Kyle, IMO, is an entitled little princeling. He's like a fat guy wearing a "no fat chicks" T-shirt. Because he's a man his looks don't count, but he gets to tell you what yours should be.

  3. If you preach fat acceptance, you're in the fatosphere (I could even make you a little membership card, if you like). To be honest, the scene needs a bit more ratbaggery.