Thursday, 27 August 2009

Welcome to Sweet FA

Is it just me, or is "Fat Acceptance" not the first thing that springs to mind when you see "FA"? Well, this is actually a blog for Fat Acceptance, not for random swearing. Not that I'm ruling that out - as a good Aussie, I'm quite fond of a good oath, so the double entendre amuses me. Quite a lot. Enough to name a blog for it.

Please note the URL. It's - that's "Sweet XL FA". Sadly was already taken. To add insult to injury, that person hasn't even updated their blog in five years. Bugger.

Now what's all this, then? It's a new blog, is what. And what I intend it to be may not pan out in reality. But here's the idea:

* Alerts to politically relevant news.
* Alerts to interesting news in health, medicine and nutrition.
* Reviews of clothes shops for Australian fatty boom-bahs.
* Reviews of exercise options for Australian fatty boom-bahs.
* Discussions of any HAES kind of stuff that we feel like.

We? Well, so far I mean me. I'm sort of talking to a friend who might contribute, but nothing's settled. I would be very interested to hear from any other Australians who might like to contribute regularly or occasionally. Or Aussie residents or ex-residents or long-term visitors - there's no citizenship test here. There will definitely be an Australian focus, though. If you want to write about yoga classes in Broome, a gym in Melbourne, a dressmaker in Wagga Wagga, or a clothes shop in Fremantle, that would be great. I'll mostly write about Canberra, myself.

I have a post coming up on my philosophy, but you don't have to agree with me 100% to write here. I'm kind of 95% with Kate Harding and 95% with Greta Christina, and am thoroughly feminist, skeptical and pro-science. There are definitely some arguments to be had around those 5% edges - polite, contentful, civil arguments, I hope. You can contact me via gmail - I'm cajela (at) gmail (dot) com - to volunteer or offer suggestions.

To get started on the arguments: I am not opposed to all diets, all the time. There is such a thing as "too fat". And I also quite like colourful language. "Fatty boom-bahs" is fun, isn't it? It may be intended as an insult, but it's so childish that it's funny to me. Go the boom-bahs!

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